Miss Singapore 2015: Batam is Like Second Home



BATAM - Mok Shu Min Kelly, as the winner of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2015 "Face The Year 2015" comes to Batam for Launcing Flyboard, Hoverboard, E-Bike, and ATV in Turi Beach. The beauty girl feels happy and excited to try Flyboard.


"Honestly very exciting. But the thing is I feel absoloutly stand up in the flyboard very nice. That feeling never i faced before," said Mok Shu Min Kelly to kepriupdate.com, Sunday (15/11/2015).


She says that never joined for launching this activity. She ever joined for launching Tennis Event in Singapore.


"I never tried this activity or joined for launching. But I ever joined in tennis event," add her.


In this month, she has come to Batam for the third times. Even she is Singaporean, Batam is like her second home. She feels comfort here.


"I have a lot of friends and family in Batam. I come here every one or two weeks. It is like my second home," explain her.


In this year, her age is 22 years old. She is graduated from Kaplan University in Singapore with major marketing. (alfie syahrie)