Tinder, Blind Dating Online Application


BATAM - In this era of globalization, it is almost impossible to find anyone who does not know the internet. Now almost the entire thing in connecting with the Internet presence by reason effectively and efficiently.


No exception to a romance things. Various applications offered by multiple providers to the single with their respective advantages, one of which is 'Tinder'.


This application allows users to choose other app users through the photos, some profiles such as employment, education and age are taken through facebook. Users can also add other information in addition to information taken from facebook that is used to log in.


There are three key when searching. A cross if not interested, heart mark if they like, and if the star is very fond of. There is no notification if there are signaling the heart, unless someone gave astar (super like).


This application gives an added value to the user origin can be used appropriately according to its function. Some of the benefits is to multiply connections and acquaintances. It is advantageous for the single in Batam who wants to get acquainted with strangers because the nearest Tinder users majority are in Singapore and Malaysia.


Users can set a search through the age, gender, as well as the maximum distance. If your profile is favored by other users who also liked his profile and it will display a notification that you get a 'new match' or a matching profile. And you can start a conversation with the person.


But you need to be careful in the use of this application due to differences in culture and the interests of users. Some users who are not responsible to make this application to look for sex partner online.


But not a few who use it as a means to find a friend or a lover. From the experiments conducted by the author, in getting some other Tinder user comments.


"I am gonna lucky, one trip, see my friend on tinder and Batam 0" said Lovish, Indian and works in Singapore. Some time ago a visit to Batam and meet his Tinder friend who are willing to accompany him hang out around the city.


In contrast to Ben, an Australian who divorced and having  4 kids. He was on holiday in Singapore. "I am looking for my future partner. Wife, maybe? "


Perhaps the introduction of this online method could be an alternative for those of you who get bored with the standard introductions and a little long-winded in expressing an interest. Besides, it is not wrong to add contacts from other parts of the world to learn how to tolerance and enrich knowledge, as long as eekeep our origin culture.


So? Are you interested to try this apps? (anggieta)